A launch film for Parklife 2019 festival. My role was a cleanup animator.(colouring and cleanup)

A Film By Studio Moross
Tim Marriott, Mica Warren, Kate Moross, Leio Kirtley, and Ashley Back
Producer Kate Moross, Tim Marriott, Alice Best, and Oliver Chapman
llustration Mica Warren
Character Designer Mica Warren and Guy Field
Design Lara Lee and Kate Moross
Lead Animators Charlie Lane Bush, Peter Lowey, Rhys Byfield and Knifeson Yu
Animation Ashley Back, Oscar Barany, Lara Lee and Mica Warren
Motion Design & Compositing Tim Marriott, Leio Kirtley, Linus Kraemer and T.R Bennett
3d Kristian Glenn ,T.R Bennett and Kate Moross
Written By Laura Kirwan-ashman
Sound Design Father
Intern Jesse Julien

Scenes I was involved in