A launch film for Parklife 2018. I was part of the film as an assistant animator, working on colouring and a few clean-ups.
Launch Film
Language: English
Duration: 03 minutes 50 seconds

A Film By Studio Moross and Andy Baker
Production Designer Guy Field
Executive Producer Kate Moross
Producers Tim Marriott, Linus Kraemer and Andy Baker
Production Company Studio Moross
Art Direction Guy Field, Andy Baker and Kate Moross
Editors Linus Kraemer, Leio Kirtley, Kate Moross, and Tim Marriott
Character Design Guy Field, Mica Warren, and Andy Baker
Illustrators Guy Field, Andy Baker, Mica Warren, and Kate Moross
Background Artists Andy Baker, Pete Sharp, Kate Moross, Guy Field, and Mica Warren
Motion Design & Compositing Tim Marriott, Linus Kraemer, Andy Baker, Leio Kirtley and Kate Moross
Grade Kate Moross
Lead Animators Andy Baker and Joe Sparkes
Animators Ned Mackness and Jamie Hobbs
Animation Assistant Ashley Back
3d Animation Tom Stockley
Storyboard Artists Andy Baker, Kate Moross and Mica Warren
Graphic Design Nick Greenbank and Oscar Torrans
Sound Design Father
Studio Manager Alice Best
Project Manager Oliver Chapman
Accounts Mable Cable
Intern Hannah Buckman
Music Edit Linus Kraemer
Cute Dogs Tako and Ebi
Opening Song Fout Tet 'Pinnacles'
Main Theme The XX 'On Hold' and Jamie XX Remix

Scenes I was involved in