Changing Point” is a beautiful story of Bonne Gea’s journey growing up in a humble Muslim village on the island of Nias to becoming the first female Indonesian Champion surfer.
Changing Point
Language: Indonesian / English
Subtitle: English

Animation / Design Direction Kate Moross
Design Ashley Back
Roto Animation Ashley Back 
2d animation Leio Kirtley
Animation / Title design produced at Studio Moross
Film Direction Rebecca Coley
Cinematographer Marek Mysicka
Featuring Yasniar Bonne Gea and Lusinda Wau
Sound Patrick Casey 
Production Assistant Judita Berndorff
Editor Hettie Griffiths
Sound Mix Marc Mitchell
Music Peaking Lights, Luke Vidamour and Time And Space Machine
© Copyright Nias Film Limited

Movie Poster
Direction Kate Moross
Logo Design / Illustration Ashley Back
Type Layout Kate Moross 

Roto (no sound)