Abstract metaphors tell a story about gender in a non-traditional perspective. It all begins with a heart that divides into two halves, one woman and one man. They are blinded of social norms in the society but they start to distort and reconstruct themselves, breaking out of norms. Where they see through their own eyes for the first time, in a new dimension, a spectrum filled with colors. They become one again, where mind and soul are connected which symbolises our gender expression and gender identity. A norm-breaking story that gives you a new perspective, that gender isn't only binary.
Each frame is hand-crafted all individually.

Ney Ley Studios          
Language: English
Duration: 01 minutes 06 seconds

Design / Animation Ashley Back(Parkney) 
Designn / Animation Leio Kirtley
Sound Design and Music Aston Young

© Copyright Ashley Back / Leio Kirtley